The Language of Skateboarding: Slang and Terminology

The Language of Skateboarding: Slang and Terminology

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport or a passion; it is a life-style and a tradition. And like several tradition, it has its personal distinctive language. Should you’re new to the skateboarding world, understanding the slang and terminology is usually a bit overwhelming. However concern not! On this weblog submit, we’ll break down among the commonest skateboarding phrases that can assist you navigate the skatepark with confidence.

1. Deck

The deck is the principle a part of a skateboard, usually manufactured from seven-ply maple wooden. It is the flat board that you simply stand on whereas using. Decks are available varied sizes, shapes, and graphic designs, permitting skate boarders to precise their individuality.

2. Vehicles

Vehicles are the metallic T-shaped parts mounted on the underside of the deck. They maintain the wheels and permit the skateboard to show. Tightening or loosening the vans can have an effect on how responsive the board is to your actions.

skateboarding tricks

3. Wheels

Wheels are the spherical, normally polyurethane, objects that connect to the vans. They arrive in several sizes and hardness ranges, affecting the skateboard’s velocity, stability, and skill to carry out tips. Softer wheels present higher grip, whereas more durable wheels are quicker.

4. Grip Tape

Grip tape is the sandpaper-like materials utilized to the highest of the deck. It gives traction on your footwear, permitting you to keep up management of the skateboard. Grip tape could be custom-made with totally different designs and patterns.

skateboarding grip tape

5. Ollie

The ollie is the elemental trick in skateboarding. It includes popping the tail of the skateboard down whereas sliding your entrance foot up the deck, inflicting the board to leap off the bottom. The ollie is the muse for a lot of different tips and is important to grasp.

6. Kickflip

A kickflip is a trick the place the skateboard flips within the air whereas spinning alongside its lengthwise axis. It is carried out by flicking the sting of the deck along with your entrance foot whereas concurrently sliding your again foot off the tail. It is a trick that requires precision and timing.

skateboarding kickflip

7. Grind

A grind is a trick the place the skateboarder slides alongside an impediment, resembling a rail or ledge, with the vans or the deck. It requires balancing and coordination to keep up stability whereas grinding. Various kinds of grinds embrace the 50-50, boardslide, and smith grind.

8. Bail

Bailing refers to falling off the skateboard whereas making an attempt a trick. It is an inevitable a part of skateboarding, and even probably the most skilled skate boarders bail now and again. Studying to bail safely will help stop accidents and construct resilience.

skateboarding bail

9. Stoked

Stoked is a time period used to explain the sensation of pleasure and pleasure that comes from skateboarding. It is that adrenaline rush you get once you land a trick for the primary time or conquer a difficult impediment. Skateboarding is all about having enjoyable and staying stoked!

10. Shred

To shred means to skate with talent and elegance. It is a time period used to explain somebody who’s performing tips or using aggressively and confidently. If you see somebody shredding, you recognize they’ve mastered the artwork of skateboarding.

skateboarding shred

Now that you simply’re acquainted with among the important skateboarding slang and terminology, you can higher talk with fellow skate boarders and perceive the tradition surrounding this thrilling sport. So seize your deck, hit the skatepark, and immerse your self within the language of skateboarding!

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