Skateboard Deck Supplies: Plywood, Bamboo, and Composite Selections


In terms of selecting a skateboard deck, there are a number of materials choices obtainable out there. Every materials has its personal distinctive traits that may vastly impression your skateboarding expertise. On this weblog submit, we’ll discover three widespread selections: plywood, bamboo, and composite.


Plywood is the commonest materials used for skateboard decks. It’s made by gluing a number of layers of skinny wooden veneers collectively, with the grains of every layer working perpendicular to at least one one other. This building offers plywood decks wonderful energy and sturdiness, making them appropriate for every type of skateboarding kinds.

plywood deck


Bamboo skateboard decks have gained recognition in recent times because of their eco-friendly nature and distinctive efficiency traits. Bamboo is a extremely renewable useful resource that grows a lot sooner than conventional hardwoods utilized in plywood decks. Its pure fibers present a light-weight and versatile deck, making it best for cruising and carving.

bamboo deck


Composite skateboard decks are comprised of a mix of supplies, usually together with fiberglass and resin. This building permits for higher management over the deck’s flex and energy properties. Composite decks are identified for his or her excessive sturdiness and talent to keep up their form over time, making them a most well-liked alternative for skilled skate boarders.

composite deck

Selecting the Proper Materials

When deciding which skateboard deck materials is best for you, it is necessary to think about your skateboarding fashion and preferences. Listed here are a couple of elements to bear in mind:

  1. Skateboarding Type: When you get pleasure from performing tips and jumps, a plywood deck could also be the only option because of its energy and sturdiness.
  2. Cruising and Carving: For a easy and versatile journey, a bamboo deck is a superb possibility because it provides wonderful shock absorption and responsiveness.
  3. Skilled Skateboarding: In case you are a severe skateboarder searching for most efficiency and sturdiness, a composite deck is value contemplating.

Upkeep and Care

Whatever the materials you select, correct upkeep and care are important for prolonging the lifespan of your skateboard deck. Commonly examine your deck for any indicators of damage and tear, resembling cracks or delamination. Maintain it clear and dry to stop moisture harm, and keep away from exposing it to excessive temperature adjustments.


Choosing the proper skateboard deck materials can vastly improve your skateboarding expertise. Whether or not you go for the energy of plywood, the eco-friendliness of bamboo, or the efficiency of a composite deck, every materials has its personal distinctive benefits. Think about your skateboarding fashion and preferences when making your determination, and keep in mind to correctly keep and care in your deck to make sure its longevity.

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