Mastering the Fundamentals: Ollie on a Skateboard


Skateboarding is an exhilarating sport that permits people to precise their creativity and push their limits. One of the basic methods in skateboarding is the ollie. The ollie is the muse for a lot of different methods and mastering it’s important for any skateboarder trying to progress. On this weblog publish, we’ll break down the steps that can assist you grasp the fundamentals of ollieing on a skateboard.

Getting Began

Earlier than making an attempt the ollie, it is necessary to have a stable understanding of your skateboard and be snug driving it. Be sure your skateboard is in good situation with correctly tightened vans and grippy wheels. Discover a clean and flat floor to apply on, ideally with sufficient area to comfortably transfer round.

skateboarder ollie

Foot Placement

Step one in mastering the ollie is getting your foot placement proper. Place your again foot on the tail of the skateboard along with your toes hanging barely off the sting. Your entrance foot must be positioned simply behind the entrance bolts along with your toes angled diagonally throughout the skateboard.

Prepping for the Ollie

Begin by bending your knees and getting right into a crouched place. This offers you the spring-like movement wanted for the ollie. Maintain your weight centered over the skateboard, balancing between your back and front foot.

skateboarder prepping for ollie

The Pop

Now comes probably the most essential a part of the ollie – the pop. To provoke the ollie, shortly snap your again foot down on the tail of the skateboard whereas concurrently leaping off the bottom. This movement creates the pop and brings the skateboard off the bottom.

Leveling Out

Because the skateboard begins to rise, it is necessary to stage it out within the air. To do that, slide your entrance foot ahead and stage it along with your again foot. This motion will deliver the skateboard parallel to the bottom, permitting you to take care of management and land easily.

ollie leveling out


As you begin to deliver the skateboard again down, put together to land along with your knees barely bent to soak up the impression. Intention to land with each toes over the bolts, making certain stability and stability. Follow touchdown softly to keep away from any pointless pressure in your joints.


Mastering the ollie takes time and apply, so do not get discouraged if it does not come naturally at first. Listed below are a number of widespread points and ideas to assist troubleshoot:

  • In case your skateboard is not popping off the bottom, ensure you are snapping your again foot down with sufficient pressure.
  • If the board will not be leveling out within the air, deal with sliding your entrance foot ahead and retaining it parallel to your again foot.
  • Should you’re combating stability, strive working towards on a barely wider skateboard or adjusting your foot placement.
skateboarder ollie troubleshooting


Mastering the ollie is a big milestone in skateboarding. With apply and perseverance, you can incorporate this basic trick into your skateboarding repertoire. Bear in mind to at all times prioritize security and have enjoyable whereas perfecting your ollie. Glad skateboarding!

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