Skateboarding isn’t just a sport; it is a tradition with its personal distinctive language. Should you’re new to skateboarding, you would possibly end up confused by the jargon utilized by skaters. However worry not! On this information, we’ll break down the language of skaters and assist you to perceive what they’re speaking about.

1. Methods

Skateboarding is all about methods, and skaters have provide you with their very own names for every one. Listed below are a number of well-liked methods it’s best to know:

  • Ollie: Probably the most elementary trick in skateboarding, the place the skater jumps with the board.
  • Kickflip: A trick the place the skater flips the board with their foot whereas leaping.
  • Grind: Sliding alongside an impediment, reminiscent of a rail or ledge, with the vans of the skateboard.
  • Guide: Balancing on two wheels with out touching the bottom with the tail or nostril of the board.
skateboarding tricks

2. Skatepark Options

Skateparks are crammed with varied options that present skaters with alternatives to showcase their expertise. Listed below are some widespread skatepark options:

  • Quarterpipe: A ramp with a curved transition, resembling 1 / 4 of a pipe.
  • Halfpipe: A ramp with two quarterpipes dealing with one another, making a U-shape.
  • Funbox: A box-like construction with ramps, rails, and different obstacles.
  • Vert ramp: A ramp with a vertical transition, permitting skaters to carry out aerial methods.
skatepark features

3. Skateboard Elements

Skateboards include a number of parts, every with its personal identify. Listed below are the principle components of a skateboard:

  • Deck: The flat board that the skater stands on.
  • Vehicles: Metallic T-shaped parts that connect the wheels to the deck.
  • Wheels: The spherical, typically polyurethane, objects that enable the skateboard to roll.
  • Grip tape: A tough, sandpaper-like materials utilized to the highest of the deck for higher traction.
skateboard parts

4. Skateboarding Kinds

Skaters have completely different kinds and preferences relating to skateboarding. Listed below are a number of well-liked kinds:

  • Road: Skating in city environments, utilizing stairs, rails, and ledges.
  • Vert: Centered on performing aerial methods on ramps and in skateparks.
  • Cruising: Driving round for enjoyable, typically on longboards or cruisers.
  • Freestyle: Incorporating inventive and technical methods into routines.
skateboarding styles

5. Skateboarding Tradition

Skateboarding has a wealthy tradition that extends past the game itself. Listed below are some phrases associated to skateboarding tradition:

  • Skatepark etiquette: Unstated guidelines and manners skaters ought to comply with at skateparks.
  • Skate video: A video showcasing skaters’ expertise and methods.
  • Zine: A self-published journal typically created by skaters, that includes skateboarding content material.
  • Skate crew: A gaggle of skaters who skate collectively and assist one another.
skateboarding culture


Understanding the language of skaters is like studying a brand new dialect. By familiarizing your self with these skateboarding jargon phrases, you’ll talk with skaters and recognize the game much more. So seize your skateboard, study the lingo, and be a part of the skateboarding neighborhood!

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