Why Skateboarding Is an Thrilling Sport for Children


Skateboarding is an exciting and dynamic sport that requires the fitting gear for optimum efficiency. One essential element of a skateboard is the wheels. Understanding the various kinds of skateboard wheels and their influence in your journey is important for each skateboarder, whether or not you’re a newbie or an skilled rider.


The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured utilizing the durometer scale. This scale ranges from 0 to 100, with greater numbers indicating more durable wheels. Softer wheels, sometimes starting from 78A to 87A, present extra grip and are perfect for cruising and road using. More durable wheels, starting from 88A to 101A, are higher suited to methods and skate park using as they provide much less grip and slide extra simply.

skateboard wheels


Skateboard wheels are available varied sizes, sometimes measured in millimeters (mm). Smaller wheels, round 50-54mm, are appropriate for technical methods, road skating, and smaller riders. Medium-sized wheels, starting from 55-59mm, are versatile and can be utilized for varied kinds of skateboarding. Bigger wheels, 60mm and above, are higher for cruising, downhill, and tough surfaces as they supply extra stability and roll over cracks and pebbles extra simply.

skateboard wheels size


Skateboard wheels come in numerous shapes, every designed for particular using kinds. The most typical shapes are:

  • Road/Park Wheels: These wheels have a symmetrical form and a smaller contact patch, making them excellent for technical methods, ramps, and skate parks.
  • Cruiser Wheels: Cruiser wheels are wider and have a bigger contact patch, offering extra stability and a smoother journey on tough surfaces.
  • Longboard Wheels: Longboard wheels are bigger, softer, and have a wider contact patch, providing glorious grip and a snug journey for long-distance cruising and downhill using.
skateboard wheels shape

Durometer and Terrain

Selecting the best durometer in your skateboard wheels is determined by the kind of terrain you may be using on:

  • Softer Wheels: Softer wheels are extra forgiving and supply higher grip on tough surfaces, resembling asphalt or concrete.
  • More durable Wheels: More durable wheels are higher suited to easy surfaces, skate parks, and methods as they slide extra simply.
skateboard wheels terrain


Understanding the various kinds of skateboard wheels and their influence in your journey is essential for choosing the proper setup in your type of skateboarding. Contemplate the hardness, measurement, form, and durometer when deciding on your wheels. Experimenting with completely different combos will enable you discover the right setup that enhances your efficiency and pleasure on the skateboard.

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