The Science of Skateboarding: Physics Behind the Ollie and Extra

The Science of Skateboarding: Physics Behind the Ollie and Extra

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport; it is a type of self-expression, creativity, and freedom. However have you ever ever questioned in regards to the science behind these spectacular methods? From the essential ollie to extra superior maneuvers, skateboarding is an ideal mix of physics and athleticism. On this weblog put up, we’ll delve into the physics behind the ollie and discover another fascinating features of the science of skateboarding.

The Ollie: Defying Gravity

The ollie is the muse of many skateboarding methods and entails leaping into the air with the skateboard whereas conserving it underneath your toes. This seemingly magical transfer is definitely a results of a number of key physics ideas at play.

Firstly, the ollie depends on the precept of Newton’s third regulation of movement, which states that each motion has an equal and reverse response. By forcefully stomping on the tail of the skateboard, the skater exerts a downward power on the tail, inflicting an equal and reverse power pushing them upwards.

skateboarding ollie

Secondly, the skater’s capacity to slip their entrance foot up the board is essential for the ollie. This movement creates a torque, or rotational power, on the skateboard, inflicting it to rotate upwards. The skater then ranges out the board by extending their legs, balancing the forces and sustaining stability.

Friction and the Artwork of Sliding

Friction performs a big position in skateboarding, particularly in the case of executing slides. Slides are carried out by lowering the friction between the skateboard wheels and the bottom, permitting the skater to glide easily.

One well-liked slide is the powerslide, the place the skater turns their physique and slides the wheels perpendicular to their course of movement. By making use of strain on the wheels and lowering the contact space, the skater decreases the friction, enabling the slide.

skateboarding powerslide

Stability and Heart of Mass

Skateboarding requires a eager sense of stability, and understanding the idea of the middle of mass is important. The middle of mass is the purpose the place an object’s mass is concentrated. When skateboarding, the skater’s heart of mass have to be positioned over the board to keep up stability.

Throughout methods, such because the kickflip or the 360 flip, the skater’s heart of mass shifts as they manipulate the board. By understanding how their actions have an effect on their heart of mass, skaters can execute methods with precision and management.

Impression and Momentum

Skateboarding entails excessive speeds and spectacular jumps, making the ideas of affect and momentum essential. When a skater lands a trick, their physique and the skateboard expertise an affect power. Distributing this power evenly all through the physique and the board helps forestall accidents.

skateboarding impact

Momentum, alternatively, performs a task in producing velocity and sustaining stability. By understanding the right way to manipulate their momentum, skaters can optimize their methods and keep management over their actions.


Skateboarding isn’t just in regards to the methods and the adrenaline rush; it is also an enchanting mix of physics and athleticism. Understanding the science behind skateboarding can improve your appreciation for the game and even enhance your personal abilities. So, the following time you witness a jaw-dropping skateboard trick, keep in mind that it isn’t simply the skater’s talent, but additionally the legal guidelines of physics in motion.

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