Skateboard Wheels: Discovering the Ideally suited Diameter and Duromete


Skateboarding is not only in regards to the board, it is about all of the elements that make it work seamlessly. One of the vital essential components of a skateboard is the wheels. They decide the pace, grip, and total efficiency of your experience. In terms of choosing the proper skateboard wheels, two vital elements to contemplate are the diameter and durometer.

Diameter: Measurement Issues

The diameter of skateboard wheels refers to their dimension, sometimes measured in millimeters (mm). The scale of the wheels impacts numerous features of your experience, together with pace, stability, and maneuverability.

Smaller diameter wheels, normally starting from 49mm to 53mm, are perfect for technical methods and avenue skateboarding. They provide faster acceleration, higher management, and are extra aware of sharp turns. Nonetheless, they might sacrifice some pace and stability.

Alternatively, bigger diameter wheels, starting from 54mm to 60mm or extra, are appropriate for cruising, downhill rides, and vert skating. These wheels present larger speeds, higher stability, and smoother rides over tough terrain. Nonetheless, they might be much less agile for technical methods.

skateboard wheels

Durometer: Hardness Issues

The durometer of skateboard wheels refers to their hardness, normally measured on the “A” scale. The durometer ranking determines the grip and sturdiness of the wheels.

Softer wheels, with a decrease durometer ranking (78A to 87A), supply extra grip and are well-suited for tough surfaces, cruising, and carving. They supply a smoother experience and higher shock absorption. Nonetheless, they might put on out quicker and lack the pace of tougher wheels.

More durable wheels, with the next durometer ranking (88A to 101A+), are perfect for clean surfaces, skate parks, and technical methods. They provide quicker speeds, extra slide management, and longer lifespan. Nonetheless, they might really feel much less forgiving on tough terrain and supply much less grip.

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Selecting the Ideally suited Mixture

When deciding on skateboard wheels, it is vital to search out the proper mixture of diameter and durometer that fits your driving type and preferences. Listed here are some issues:

  • Should you primarily skate in skate parks or on clean surfaces, tougher wheels with a bigger diameter could be a good selection.
  • For avenue skateboarding and technical methods, smaller and tougher wheels would supply higher management and responsiveness.
  • Should you get pleasure from cruising and driving over tough terrain, softer and bigger diameter wheels would supply a extra snug experience.

Experiment and Personalize

In the end, discovering the best diameter and durometer in your skateboard wheels is a matter of non-public choice. Each skater has completely different driving types and terrain preferences, so do not be afraid to experiment and discover what works greatest for you.

Take into account making an attempt out completely different combos to see how they have an effect on your total skateboarding expertise. Bear in mind, the proper wheels could make a major distinction in your efficiency and pleasure on the board.

skateboard wheels


Skateboard wheels play an important function in figuring out the efficiency and really feel of your experience. The diameter and durometer of the wheels are key elements to contemplate when choosing the proper ones in your skateboard. Discovering the best mixture will rely in your driving type, terrain preferences, and private consolation. So, go forward, discover completely different choices, and benefit from the good experience!

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